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''U.S. Navy'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"U.S. Navy" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Lifeguard On Duty'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Lifeguard On Duty" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''State Police'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"State Police" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''British Police'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"British Police" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Air Force'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Air Force" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Ski Patrol'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Ski Patrol" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Military Armed Forces'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Military Armed Forces" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Fire Dept.'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Fire Dept." Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Scottish Terrier'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Scottish Terrier" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Schnauzer'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Schnauzer" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Salty Sea Dog'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Salty Sea Dog" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Adorable Dalmation'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Adorable Dalmation" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Sailing Schnauzer'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Sailing Schnauzer" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Fabulous Frenchie'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Fabulous Frenchie" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: Captain Westie'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: Captain Westie" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Humanimals: French Bulldog'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Humanimals: French Bulldog" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Little Princess #1'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Little Princess #1" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Born To Be A Princess'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Born To Be A Princess" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Mummys Little Prince'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Mummys Little Prince" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
''Little Princess #2'' Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
"Little Princess #2" Harness-Lined Dog T-Shirt
£ 15.85
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UrbanPup.com.au is an online shop, retail & wholesale, providing the fashion-conscious with stylish clothes for dogs. Our collection ranges from Dog Clothes: Dog Carriers, Dog Coats, Dog Collars, Dog Accessories, Dog Dresses, Dog Carriers, Dog Harnesses, Dog T-Shirts, Jewellery, Dog Sweaters, Dog Hoodies / Sweatshirts to seen on screen fashion outfits.

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Urban Pup has all the dog clothes that your beautiful dog needs to be the best dressed pup in town. Whether your little girl puppy wants a dress, raincoat or hoodie, or your little boy dog needs a coat, formal wear or bedtime wear, Urban Pup have the perfect dog clothes for your pups' wardrobe. All dog clothes at Urban Pup have been selected from top designers in the dog fashion world. Dog clothes at Urban Pup are styled so that they are easy to put on and take off, and stay on your pup during their activities. For more information please; contact us.